Fiberglass Dryer Belt

We select fine glassfiber or Kevlar as basic weaving material, coated with excellent PTFE resin to make it into various PTFE open mesh conveyor belts.

Fiberglass Dryer Belt Application

Drying machine for non-woven textile, textile printing, silk- printing and dyeing machine.
Shrinking machine for garment fabric, high- frequency and UV dryer.
Conveyer belt for hot-air dryer, various of food baking, quick-frozen machines.
Seperating sheet for hardboard production etc.

  • Fiberglass Dryer Belt

  • Fiberglass Dryer Belt

  • Fiberglass Dryer Belt

Fiberglass Dryer Belt Features

High temperature resistance--It can continuously work under-140 to 260℃, max resist high temperature up to 360℃
Permeability--It can avoid wasting heat and improve drying efficiency for it's permeability.
Chemical resistance--It can resist all most of chemical medicines.
Non Stick--It can easily remove all kinds of adhesives such as resin, paint and chemical medicine, easy to clean.
Good flex fatigue resistance--It has high tensile strength and excellent flex fatigue resistance.
It's better for small wheels.

teflon dryer belt
Dryer Belt Technical Data
No. Mesh Size Material Thinkess Weight Temp Resistance Max width Tensile Strength
6001 1X1mm Fiberglass 0.5mm 390g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 1600/1500N/5cm
6002 2X2mm Fiberglass 0.7mm 450g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 2200/1500N/5cm
6003 4X4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 500g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 2100/1500N/5cm
6004 4X4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 480g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 2100/1500N/5cm
6007 4X4mm Fiberglass+Kevlar 1.2mm 560g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 3300/2800N/5cm
6008 4X4mm Fiberglassl 1.0mm 570g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 2800/1580N/5cm
6010 4X4mm Kevlar 1.0mm 460g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 3500/3300N/5cm
6012 4X4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 580g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 2800/1500N/5cm
6013 10X10mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 450g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 1100/1000N/5cm
6014 0.5X1mm Fiberglass 0.5mm 420g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 2200/1500N/5cm
6015 2X2.5mm Fiberglass 0.9mm 470g/m2 -70-260℃ 4m 2200/1500N/5cm

PTFE Mesh Belt Joint method
This is the most common way of belt joints that pivotal joints, the joint network is made of Kevlar-coated teflon emulsion, Teflon mesh belt process is basically the same.
Belt connector + Kevlar wire= connector
Material is stainless steel buckle clasp connector, first with Kevlar cloth belt edges, then add steel buckle.
Carabiner connector + Kevlar fabric= Connector

PTFE Mesh Belt Repair
1: If PTFE the mesh belt deviation phenomenon appears, then adjust the tension of the shaft end of the driven shaft should slowly adjust, remember to adjust quickly, resulting in network with edge scratch.
2: If PTFE the mesh belt with jitter phenomenon, check transport aircraft as well as the presence or absence of corrosion roller conveyor tunnel refused to transfer phenomenon, individually adjusted.
3: mesh belt chain drive chain if there jump and run instability, both ends of the drive shaft sprocket should check whether the synchronization client for excessive tooth wear.

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