Metal Spiral Mesh For Building

Spiral mesh features

The spiral mesh is usually made of a metal flat wire or a round wire to form flat spiral, which is connected with metal wave wire and welded together at both ends. It has high strength, strong features, strong function, easy to maintain, long service life and good protection for building structure. Applied in the advanced building curtain, stair protection, luxury office buildings, hotels, luxury ballroom, business hall indoor partition, building in a glorious light, elegant and delicate.

Spiral mesh material selection

The indoor recommended stainless steel wire, a variety of colors can choose wire surface spray paint.
Outdoor recommended stainless steel wire.

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  • Spiral decorative mesh flat wire mesh CT-7148
    CT-7148 Spiral Decorative Mesh
    Sprail Dia:2X4mm
    Sprail Pitch:20mm
    Cross Rod Dia:3.5mm
    Cross Rod Pitch:40mm
  • Spiral decorative mesh flat wire mesh CT-7026
    CT-7026 Spiral Decorative Mesh
    Sprail Dia:2.6mm
    Sprail Pitch:24.3mm
    Cross Rod Dia:2.6mm
    Cross Rod Pitch:22.5mm
  • Spiral decorative mesh flat wire mesh CT-7324
    CT-7324 Spiral Decorative Mesh
    Sprail Dia:1.7X5mm
    Sprail Pitch:36.5mm
    Cross Rod Dia:3mm
    Cross Rod Pitch:60mm

Spiral mesh case

spiral mesh in parking lot

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