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Conveyor Belt @ Industry
Metal conveyor belt features are bearing large, transparent strong, wide adaptability, high temperature, acid and alkali, long life.
Teflon Dryer Belt @ Industry
Teflon conveyor belt products include PTFE fiberglass dryer belt,silicone coated fabrics,PTFE-coated fabrics, for high temperature conveyor.

Conveyor System @ Industry
Design and produce small conveyor system or conveyor parts (belt,gear wheel shaft, etc.) to meet customers' demands.
spiral Mesh @ Bulding
spiral mesh used in various occasions and usefulness, showing elegance, special features, noble quality.


We specialize in the metal conveyor belt,wire belts, spiral mesh, teflon conveyor belt production and marketing enterprises, the main production of various high temperature conveyor belt and conveyor accessories.
And provide non-standard wire belting design services, We also provide solutions of small conveyor system for our customers.

When the whole is only as good as its parts, your solution starts at CTMESH.
Design service for you.

Hot Conveyor Belt

Balanced Weave Conveyor Belt

The balanced wire conveyor belt is connected by a straight rod, the mesh opening generally large. Can choose two kinds of model, the common type use round wire to make spiral mesh, can match the chain type . Another use flat wire to make spiral mesh , the flat wire mesh get better flatness.
The general type is connected by the left and right side of the net, which is connected by straight string. The spiral mesh is dense and the mesh spacing is even, which can make the conveyor belt walk smoothly. The mesh belt is suitable for conveying line with relatively small volume and relatively light quality. The two ends can be used for various edge treatment types.

Dryer Mesh Belt

We select fine glassfiber or Kevlar as basic weaving material, coated with excellent PTFE resin to make it into various PTFE open mesh conveyor belts. Dryer mesh belt is used for drying machines for non-woven fabrics, textile printing and dyeing, silk printing and dyeing machines. Shrinkage machine is used for garment fabric, high frequency and UV drying machine. The permeability of dryer mesh belt is better than silicone coated belt.

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